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About Renegade Rescue Fund

Renegade Rescue Fund was established to help raise funds specifically for nonprofit animal rescue organizations within and around our local community of Alachua County.  Within the world of nonprofits, animal rescue organizations require a substantial amount of financial resources to operate, funds that are often difficult to find.  Animals in human care must be cared for every day, 365 days per year, and usually a minimum of 10-12 hours per day.   While in a perfect world there would be volunteers lining up to help, the simple fact is volunteers are scarce and it requires skilled staff to keep animals happy and healthy until they are released or adopted.  Animals are uniquely dependent on their human caretakers; they cannot feed themselves, pay for their own vet bills, build their own shelters or go online and find themselves new homes.  All of these activities require money. Ultimately, our efforts will be expanded to include selected non-profits regardless of their location or area of focus, but our first efforts will be focused on the community we know and love, Alachua County.  Currently, a select number of non-animal organizations may be featured under our Special Engagement Organizations.

In a world where there is so much need, it is often the voiceless that are forgotten, that is where Renegade Rescue Fund aims to help.  

Animal rescue organizations are typically stretched so thinly that even day to day operations are a struggle, add in one or two fundraising events and staff and volunteers are at their breaking point.  The problem is that one to two fundraising events a year will never generate enough funds to run an organization 365 days a year in a small community.  What people need is a way to support animal rescue every day, and now they have it, Renegade Rescue Fund.

Renegade Rescue Fund is partnering with local artisans and businesses to donate a portion of each item sold on this site to a worthy local animal rescue organization.  If shoppers do not have a specific organization they wish to support, proceeds will be collected and an annual grant will be awarded to one or more of the organizations listed, based on the most critical needs and the largest number of animals served.

Renegade Rescue Fund items are unique and specially chosen to allow those who love animals, or know someone who loves animals, to shop while doing good where it counts most – locally.  Not only are you supporting local businesses and artists, but supporting local rescues as well. From wildlife to horses and companion animals, our goal is to raise funds for animals in need!

Please take some time, look at the many worthy organizations we support.  If you would like to nominate an organization, please direct them to our Contact Page and we will work with them to be added to the platform.  If the organization you wish to support is outside of the Alachua County area, please feel free to reach out, as our long-term goals include being a steady source of income for select non-profits outside of our community and regardless of their mission.  If you do good in the world, we want to help you!

Rescue Retail, Help Us, Help Them!

Many thanks!

The Renegade Rescue Fund Team