Six Dog House

Plugin Manager

Keep track of all your plugins! Keep track of all the plugins you want!

The SixDogHouse Plugin Manager is the perfect tool for cataloging all of your plugins and synths. Simple to use and endless referencing options. Make finding the perfect plugin for your mix simple and painless. Create your own categories and tags to filter and search through plugins. Add descriptions and notes. Associate each plugin with its developer, images, and links – local or web.

You can enter plugins, developers, categories, and tags through the easy to use interface or using a comma delimited file.

Scroll down to see a small sample of what the SixDogHouse Plugin Manager can do for you.

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Download Links:

SixDogHouse Plugin Manager – Installer

SixDogHouse Plugin Manager – No Installer

Screen Shots

Choose a plugin from the master plugin list to see the detail view - name, developer, links, images, categories, tags, description, and notes. Click on anything in the plugin detail view to navigate to the detail view of that item (e.g. click a category to see all the plugins with that category). Click the plugin name to edit the information or on an image to see a larger format. Choose a link from the links box to follow that link.

Scroll through images that you have associated with the plugin.

Use the magnifying glass to get an even closer look.

Choose from a variety of view options - lists of all the plugins, developers, categories, and tags; individual views of an already selected plugin, developer, category, or tag.

The selected developer view shows the plugins and links associated with the developer. Click a plugin to see its detail view. Select a link from the links box to follow it. Click the developer name to edit the developer information.

Choose a category or tag to see all of the plugin associated with the category. Click the category name to edit the category.

You can add plugins, developers, categories, and tags using the simple interfaces or by selecting a comma delimited file containing developers, plugins, categories, and tags organized as specified on the "Add - From File" page.

When adding a plugin using the provided interface, you can choose from already entered developers, categories, and tags, or you can enter new ones. You can add links to local or web files, add descriptions and notes, and associate images with the plugin. Simply drag images from your local files to the drop area in the interface to add an image, or you can use the file selector. Drag/drop the images in the order you would like them to appear.

Adding a developer is as simple as typing in the name. You can also add a new developer when you add a plugin.

Add a category or tag by typing in the name and choosing the plugins you would like associated. You can also add categories and tags when adding a new plugin.

The editing interfaces are the same as the new item interfaces with the added option of deleting the selected item.

You can do a simple search using the search bar and button at the top right of the window or you can choose "Advanced Search". Advanced Search allows you to enter up to three terms and combine them using and/or/not operators. You can choose which fields you would like searched. You can further filter your results by selecting categories and tags and indicate whether the results should have all, any, or none of the selections.